About the Company

Hexagon Group of Companies

Today's members of Hexagon Group of Companies and its respective lines.

Pasteur Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Pharmaceutical / Food Finished Product & Medical Device

Hexagon Chemical Corporation
Food, Pharmaceutical & Veterinary Raw Materials

SGS Hardware Corp.
Construction & hardware supply in Bacolod (1st hardware in Bacolod)

Hexagon Steel Corp.
Industrial hardware and construction materials - steel pipes, bolts & nuts

Keylargo International Pte. Ltd
Transhipment, international trading

Keylargo Commodities Trading
Commodity products, feed ingredients, agro & aqua products

Keylargo Car Accessories Center
Car audio & accessories

Keylargo Car Parts Center
European car parts

Keylargo Steel Industries
Construction steel and pipe products

Keylargo Industrial Sales
Pumps and water systems

Hexagon Finance & Investment Corp.
Financing & leasing

Hexagon Mechanelec Systems Corp.
Industrial electrical products

Hexagon Healthcare Corp.
Dental products

KPI Manufacturing Corp.
Manufacturing of car accessories and its related products such as matting, stepboard, etc.

iT Group Incorporated
Accounting systems software, computer technical services, programming, consultancy, web applications